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Circle Rate

  Minimum Rate(Circle Rate) for valuation of Land and Properties for Purpose of Registration under the Registration Act, 1908 in Delhi.
Minimum Land Rate for Residential Use.
Category of the locality
Minimum rate for valuation of land for residential use
OLD Rs. per sq. mtr. NEW Rs. per sq. mtr.
A 6,45,000 7,74,000
B 2,04,600 2,45,520
C 1,31,040 1,59,840
D 1,06,384 1,27,680
E 58,316 70,080
F 47,140 56,640
G 37,820 46,200
H 19,361 23,280
Minimum Land Rate for Commercial, Industrial & Other Uses.
Use Residential Public purpose e.g. Govt. School, hospitals etc.   Public Utility e.g.   private school   colleges,hospital Industrial Commercial
Factor 1 1 2 2 3
Definitions are as in the Unit Area Property Tax Sysem.

Minimum Land Rate for Cost of Constructions.
  3.1 The base unit rate of cost of construction will be .
Category Unit Area Value
(Rs. per sq. mtr)
Minimum rate for construction for residential use
Rs. per sq. mtr.
A 630 14,960
B 500 11,870
C 400 9,500
D 320 7,600
E 270 6,410
F 236 5,600
G 200 4,750
H 100 2,370

  3.2 The following multiplicative factors shall be employed to the minimum cost of construction for          taking into consideration age of structures.
Year of complition period of 1960 1960-69  1970-79 1980-1989 1990-2000 2000 Onwards
Factor 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1.0

  3.3 The following multiplicative factors to the above minimum cost of construction for different           types of structure shall be considered only for colonies in 'G' & 'H' Categories.
Structure type Pucca Semi-pucca Katcha
Multiplicative Factor 1.0 0.75 0.5
Minimum Rate for Built-up Flats.
Category of flat depending on Plinth area (sq.mtrs) Minimum built up rate (Rs. per sq.mtrs) for DDA colonies/cooperative & Group Housing Societies Multiplicative fators for private colonies
Up to 30 Rs. 34,400/- 1.10
Above 30 and upto 50 Rs.37,200/- 1.15
Above 50 and upto 100 Rs.45,200/- 1.20
Above 100 sq.mtrs Rs. 52,000/- 1.25


For flats in buildings having more than four stories, a uniform rate per sq. mtrs of Rs. 60,000/- is will be taken as the minimum value of built up rate for DDA/Cooperative/Group Housing Societies. For multistoried flats by private builders, a multiplicative factor of 1.25 shall be employed.


Where part plinth area, say one floor, of adn independece property other than a flat is sold hte relevant minimum land cost may be taken for the proportionate plinth area sold adn minimum cost of construction applied on the plinth area sold.
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